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PMP Weekend Seminars

Event Background:

Donor organizations, government and private companies spend billions of dollars on developmental projects annually in Afghanistan. Proper implementation of these projects have been highly important for the successful reconstruction process of Afghanistan – both in public and private sectors – however not all projects being implemented, address the right causes for their initiation; most of these projects are affected by improper needs analysis, requirements gathering, design, implementation and control. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in a Review Letter to US congress on July 17, 2018 stated that $15.5 billion (29% of $52.7 billion examined) US expenditures on reconstruction efforts for Afghanistan were identified as waste, fraud, abuse or failed projects, between 2008 to 2017. This situation calls for an extensive review of project management practices in Afghanistan, to avoid such high wastage rate in developmental projects.

By managing PMP Weekend seminars we aim to build a community to help build the practices of project management in Afghanistan by sharing  success and failure stories of managing projects among practitioners.

Event Structure:

PMP Weekend seminars is the first series of our awareness programs on standardization of project management in Afghanistan. The goals of these seminars are to:

  1. Connect the community of project practitioners together

  2. Provide the bases for sharing project management knowledge among the practitioners

  3. Give participants the opportunity to assess and improve their knowledge and skills, and

  4. Inform our members about career growth opportunities in project management.

Achieving these goals will be the first step toward project management standardization in Afghanistan. 

PMP Weekend seminars will address its four main goals in each of its events. We divide each event into separate parts, where participants can identify the process by which they learn and connect. These events will have three parts; storytelling and knowledge sharing; practical activities and games; PMP Chat. Each part is assumed to achieve one or more goals of the event.

Who Can Participate?

Are you interested to learn the best practices of project management, and build your network with those who can be your leverage for your career success? if yes you are should not miss to participate in PMP Weekend seminars. 

We will invite successful project management practitioners in the country to help you learn how they succeeded in their projects, and share their insights and advice to you. You will also have the chance to build your relationships with them and make your way to achieve your career and business goals.

Event Schedule:

PMP Weekend seminars are hold monthly at the end of the weeks - usually Thursday - afternoons from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Reserve you seat for our upcoming event.

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